Love knows no gender.

Ask away! :D   Submit if you like... (:   Hey!(: I'm Nedd.

21. F. P. Physics UG at Royal Holloway, University of London.
I love;
green (the colour)/getting close to people/healthy food/sunshine/bright colours/female vocalists/walking anywhere and everywhere/baking sweet things/Physics/languages/e to the i pi/Classic novels/comics/X-Men/The L Word/on screen lesbians/cruelty free everything/natural products/Lady Gaga/musicals/a good bitch
and more!

I'm a relatively shy, yet friendly quarter Japanese ninja with awesome hair and brightly coloured make up. trufax.

I LOVE my life, and think myself very lucky to have such a good one. :D

Blog consists of:
images of lovely ladies, occasionally men
good food
life expericences
the odd song
my general opinion on things/people

if you follow me, chances are i'll return the favour! :D

(Disclaimer: anything I say about anything on here is just my OPINION on that thing. I do not think it truth. unless I state it.)

    Sagittarius A*;

    you are such a babe.

    One day I shall be a very famous astronomer. It is my plan. :P

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